August 27, 2020

“Should I sell roadmapping as a loss leader or a standalone product?” and more...

In today’s group coaching session, we had a bunch of good questions that touched on topics like:

Plus, we did a deep dive on the tactical decisions of running a daily mailing list, and a positioning statement tear down.

Good stuff!

Here are some of the questions I answered today:

I’m experimenting with your suggestion to use the following pricing options to write proposals: 1) I’ll create a plan and find someone to do the work. 2) I’ll create a plan, find someone to do the work and oversee things. 3) I’ll do it for you. In option 3, I’ll still be outsourcing to juniors and managing the process. Which means options 2 and 3 feel very similar. Can you help me reframe this to see the differences between options 2 and 3? (timestamp 1m 42s)

Can you explain the difference between using roadmapping as a loss leader versus delivering roadmapping as a valuable standalone productized service? (timestamp 6m 53s)

I now understand the difference between specialising (me) and niching (them). If you choose to focus on a specialism, is there a way to tie your content marketing to business value? Or is focusing your content marketing on your specialism more of a “hit and hope” strategy? (timestamp 12m 36s)

I help Elm devs succeed by advising them on design techniques, craftsmanship practices, and support on tricky problems. I’d like to re-launch my group coaching program. My group coaching was valuable to clients in the past, but I dropped it because the logistics were cumbersome. I like the idea of crowdcast as a platform because it gives an easy way to submit questions in advance so there’s no fuss over rescheduling. Can that that format can be effective for highly technical topics? (timestamp 18m 39s)

Is there a tension between offering group coaching to individual developers, and other services to teams (advisory retainers, training). Am I splitting myself between two groups to serve, or can this be in alignment? Individual devs tend to focus on more tactical questions. I focus on a lot of the same techniques and habits with both. Maybe it’s a question of framing the individual services to be of strategic value? (timestamp 24m 40s)

I am trying to grow my email list, The audience is Pay Per Click experts. What strategies have worked the best for you to grow your email list or would you suggest? (timestamp 26m 33s)

I send mini articles to my mailing list subscribers. Some articles are potentially interesting to other people. But for now I am not publishing these articles on social media, because it seems to me that this content “belongs” to my mailing list subscribers. On the other hand, mailing list subscribers were already the first to read my articles. And it’s not scary if others read it a month later. How do you solve this dilemma? (timestamp 30m 20s)

Your newsletter emails do not contain “Share to Facebook, linkedin, Twitter” buttons like Seth Godin does in the newsletter. In theory, such buttons allow the subscriber to spontaneously, in one motion, share your letter and expand the audience of your mailing list. Is there any reason why you shouldn’t do this? (timestamp 36m 5s)

Is it possible to find a long-term project that fits the ideal of value pricing AND does not have the end client dictating deadlines? (timestamp 53m 26s)

How did you choose the (minimum) duration for your private coaching product? I noticed you’ve tried at least three different durations (3, 4 and 6 months?) Which duration has worked best and why? (timestamp 60m 48s)

We got a lead that can only afford 1/5th of our minimum engagement price. So we cannot work with them. But they do know people who we might want to work with in the future. How do you turn away a lead like this softly so that they will still want to recommend you to people who can actually afford you? (timestamp 64m 31s)

(If you’re curious, you can review the entire list of past questions here)

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