August 12, 2020

Selfless Act with Jonathan Stark

The delightful and talented Jaychrist Teves recently honored me with an invitation to come on The Design Life Show to talk about value pricing for creative businesses.

!!! LISTEN NOW !!!

In the last 15 minutes or so Jaychrist asked me some unusual questions about my experience as a professional musician and how my creative past helped inform what I’m doing now.

If you are in a creative field, I think you might find some useful perspective there.

Here is JT’s description from the episode:

“I would go back to my past clients and ask them for testimonials. Because, your past clients (assuming they’re happy) are going to know in retrospect what the value was that they’ve got out of your work.”—Jonathan Stark

In episode 87 of #TDLS, I’m sitting down with Jonathan Stark. Jonathan is a former software developer who is now on a mission to get rid of the world of hourly billing. He is the author of Hourly Billing Is Nuts, the host of Ditching Hourly, and writes a daily newsletter on pricing for independent professionals. In this episode we talked a TON of actionable stuffs: