July 23, 2020

Shouldn’t I pick the biggest opportunity?

If you need more and/or better leads to grow your business, one reliable strategy is to niche down and get super focused about what you do and/or who you do it for.

Okay, but how do you know what to pick?

This is tough for me to answer for you. At some point you have to trust your gut and make a leap. There is no outside data that will ensure you pick the right thing.

That said, there’s a common mistake that people make which reliably results in them picking the wrong thing:

Not picking something they genuinely care about. 

Instead, they pick something that looks like a big financial opportunity. When they do this, one of two things generally happens:

  1. It doesn’t work and they chase the next apparent opportunity. And the next. And the next...
  2. It does work and they find that once their financial needs are met, they are bored, unfulfilled, and in the most extreme cases, despise their clients.

In either case, you’ll eventually (hopefully) learn that what you need to do is pick something you actually care about.

Why not start now?