July 21, 2020

Success story from reader Kris Niles

Fellow list member Kris Niles wrote in with a quick story about how shifting away from trading time for money feels (shared with permission, bold mine):

Jonathan –

I just sent out two proposals today using ideas an structure from your template! Thank you!

No matter which way the clients go, I feel really good about each of the options I offered and the pricing for each. This is my first full-on shift away from hourly pricing to a monthly flat fee – so I’ll let you know how it goes!

And thank you for the fantastic resources you put out. You are the only person I’ve heard talk about value based pricing in a way that makes sense. I’m not fully on board yet, but you are slowly convincing me :)

All the best,


Yep, shifting away from selling your inputs (i.e., time) to selling your outputs (i.e., results) feels WAY different.

Suddenly, spending an hour on client work doesn’t feel like making money, it feels like losing money.

Guess what this financial incentive encourages?

Getting better at delivering results more quickly!

Guess what delivering results more quickly does?

Makes you more money in fewer hours!

(NOTE: Some readers may think that Kris has merely traded hours for months and is still charging for his time. But months and hours are not the same thing.)