July 11, 2020

Features vs Fit

Have you ever shopped for an ice maker?

On Amazon, you can find a countertop model that costs $700.

You can also find an industrial restaurant ice maker that puts out 10 times more ice than the countertop model and would probably last at least twice as long. It costs $300.

On a feature by feature basis, the restaurant ice maker is better than the countertop ice maker in every tangible way.

And yet I’d be way more likely to buy the $700 model than the $300 model.


Because I’m not running a restaurant.

The industrial ice maker is a bad fit for me. I don’t have room for it. It would be way too loud. It’s ugly as hell. It would need to be installed by a plumber.

Here’s the thing...

More is not necessarily better. Don’t add features. Improve fit.