June 21, 2020

Success story from reader Victoria Zaborov

Fellow list member Victoria Zaborov made my day earlier this week with a success story that I hope you will find inspirational (shared with permission, bold mine):

Hi Jonathan, I don’t ever do this, so forgive my awkwardness. I discovered your value based pricing from Chris Do’s YouTube channel. Since then, I’ve been getting your newsletter, got your book ‘pigeonhole yourself’ and listened to both of your podcasts. This resulted in something incredible. Just the past 2 weeks I managed to land 2 projects! Not only the budget for each is amazing, but the actual conversation was so much more pleasant. I’m an introvert and to top that - I never felt comfortable talking about money. You changed how I look at projects and their budgets. I guess this change is so profound, the clients actually sense it. I want to thank you for what you’ve done for me. Your crystal clear, logical and compassionate approach is something I’m grateful for. I’m so happy I came across your newsletter at the time I did. Have a great day, Victoria

The stuff I talk about here on the list and on podcasts and in books and so forth really does work.

If you’ve been following along for a while but not taking action, I hope Victoria’s story encourages you to try something.

Thanks so much to VZ for sharing :-)