May 2, 2020

Success story from reader Mason Bayne

Sent by Jonathan Stark on May 2nd, 2020

Longtime reader and fellow list member Mason Bayne made my day by sending in the following story. I hope it inspires you to try the same simple technique when a new lead comes your way(shared with permission):

Hey Jonathan! I bought and gobbled through 3 of your books earlier this year and love your outlook on everything pricing. I just had an experience that I think you would appreciate. I was sitting on the porch to relax from the Covid craziness and got a text from a friend from many years ago. “Hey Mason! I work for a private jet charter company and we need some help with social media. Are you still making commercials? I loved the videos you’ve made before!” “Hey man, I am!” “would you be able to send me a ball park estimate for a commercial we could broadcast on instagram and facebook? (insert email information)” I started to type an answer because, you know. Covid is draining the bank and such haha. Right before I hit send, I had an idea pop into my head. I sprinted back into the room, wife looking at me like I was crazy and then I found it. Cracked open to page 18 of Learn Your Lines and copy pasted your “go-to” response. (I smiled too). “Between five thousand and five hundred thousand.” I then asked him what is currently going wrong with his social media. Heck, I don’t want to prescribe him a hip replacement if he just needs an adjustment or a better diet. “we pay a marketing company that has no clue how media works. lol” IT FREAKIN WORKED I got farther in 2 texts than some clients have given me in 2 months of working through problems. Who knows if this will actually turn into work, but it seriously made me laugh how quickly you can find out answers to pain problems if you just ask. BTW - I think that 9 out of 8 doctors recommend that book. Thank you, Mason Bayne

Yes, this stuff really works. Just try it and you’ll be amazed.

Thanks a million to Mason for sharing!