April 18, 2020

It’s not about you

Sent by Jonathan Stark on April 18th, 2020

Your prospective clients don’t want to hear about you. They don’t want to hear about your proprietary process. They don’t want to hear about your years of experience or how smart your team is.

What DO they want to hear about?

They want to hear about themselves.

Specifically, they want to hear about how their lives are going to be better after giving their money to you.

If it’s a little bit of money, their lives only need to get a little bit better. If it’s a lot of money, their lives need to get a whole lot better.

Prospective clients may have some interest in how you’re going to execute this transformation, and they need to trust that your claims are credible, BUT these are side dishes.

The main course is what their lives will look like after you’re done.

With this in mind, go back and read through your website. Does it mostly talk about you, sort of like a resume or cv or portfolio? Or does it mostly talk about how your clients will be better off after they work with you?

Hopefully, the latter.