April 9, 2020

You can’t control events (but you can control how you react)

Sent by Jonathan Stark on April 9th, 2020

The status quo has been shattered. The table has been flipped and the chips are in the air. This is a fact that is outside of your control.

But how you choose to react to events is up to you. You can control how you think, how you frame, and how you act.

This coming Monday was supposed to be the next Ditching Hourly Live workshop at my office in Providence RI. Obviously, an in-person workshop is out of the question at this point in time.

I could have chosen to just cancel it and hunker down due to the COVID19 crisis. Instead, I have been scrambling to make this valuable training available remotely. With just a few days to go, I’m satisfied with the results.

What is Ditching Hourly Live?

Ditching Hourly Live is a live workshop that teaches you how to make more money without working more hours. You and a small cohort of like-minded peers will work together with me via Zoom to create the mindset, messaging, and content that you need to attract more leads, close more deals, and increase your income.

In a nutshell, Ditching Hourly Live will teach you how to effectively position and sell your expertise so you can get paid what you’re worth - without ever feeling like a pushy used car salesman.

When is Ditching Hourly Live?

Nobody knows how long the stay-at-home orders will be in place, but I think it’s safe to say that it’ll be through the summer. That being the case, I am currently announcing two sessions:

NOTE: Depending on how things play out, I may add more online livestream workshop dates, but for now these are the only two sessions scheduled.

How many seats are available?

I’m limiting livestream workshops to a maximum of twelve attendees each. There are 9 seats still available in the April workshop, and 12 in the June workshop. This message is going out to several thousand people. Sessions could fill up quickly. Or not. I really don’t know what to expect. If you want to guarantee your spot, it might make sense to act right away (even for the June workshop).

How much is Ditching Hourly Live?

The normal “in-person” price of the workshop is $1,995.00. The virtual version of the workshop has less overhead than the in-person version and I have decided to pass the savings on to you. If you act now to secure your virtual spot, your investment is only $995. That’s more than 50% off; a savings of $1000 (plus all the money you’ll save on travel and lodging).


Where can I learn more?

I have updated the Ditching Hourly Live webpage with the latest information. For the daily schedules, VIP package information, and other nitty gritty details, please visit jonathanstark.com/workshop

What if I still have questions?

Great! I have answers. Just hit reply and your question will go straight to my personal inbox.

I hope to see you (virtually) soon!