Ditching Hourly Live

A live remote workshop that teaches you how to make more money without working more hours.

Attract More Leads • Close More Deals • Increase Your Income


Is your income stuck?

Your income is stuck. You feel like your clients have you on a hamster wheel. You’re working more hours than ever but not getting ahead. You fall back on the same old rate calculations every time you bid on a job. You know you need to grow your business, but you lack the confidence to make a change.

You’ve tried to educate yourself about how to get your business out of this rut. You’ve read all the articles. You’ve listened to all the podcasts. You’ve attended all the webinars. You’ve read a small mountain of business books – but they don’t seem to apply to your business.

Ditching Hourly Live will teach you how to effectively position and sell your expertise so you can get paid what you’re worth - without ever feeling like a pushy used car salesman.


Hey Jonathan! You made more impact in my design career than anyone in the last four-years. I’ve had mentors and had joined private groups before but your videos, emails, and podcast with Chris Do made me question everything at a new level. It almost seems like everyone is trying to weasel their way around clarity and direct genuine answers. Thanks Jonathan! Seriously...

Paulius Podziunas

Who is it for?

Ditching Hourly Live is a workshop for independent professionals and firm owners who are sick of not getting paid what they’re worth:

If you feel like you’re working harder than ever but still can’t get ahead, this workshop is for you.


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What is it?

Ditching Hourly Live is a two day intensive sales and marketing workshop where you will learn how to attract more leads, close more deals, and increase your income.

Ditching Hourly Live is NOT a lecture. Ditching Hourly Live is an interactive, experiential way to overcome your fears and build the skills necessary to market and sell your products and services. You will be making decisions, learning lines, and writing copy that you can put into practice immediately to increase your profits.

Learn how to effectively market and sell your expertise - without feeling like a sleaze.

Jonathan - I used your proposal as a template for a job I pitched yesterday. They LOVED it. Not only did they love it, they picked option 3 (the highest priced option) and want to put me on retainer after the final project payment. And as you suggested, I asked for 50%/50% with a set final payment date and they agreed - it’s freaking brilliant! Because of your instruction this month, I had the balls to ask, and the client didn’t bat an eye. I never thought about fixed date before but will never do it another way. Thanks!

Lisa Ellington

What’s inside?

Here’s the Ditching Hourly Live curriculum:

  1. Writing Project Proposals
    • Understanding Proposal Structure
    • Conducting Sales Interviews
  2. Packaging Your Expertise
    • Designing A Productized Service
    • Drafting The Sales Page
  3. Positioning Your Offering
    • Understanding Your Ideal Buyers
    • Drafting A Lead Magnet

Here’s how it breaks out across the two days (times are eastern US i.e., America/New_York):

Day 1

Day 2


I used Jonathan’s retainer template to land a support and mentoring contract. The client got peace of mind and the assistance they needed, and I got an effective hourly rate of close to $1,000!

Ben Clinkinbeard

What’s my investment?

You have two options:

Option 1: Live Remote Workshop

How much money are you leaving on the table with each proposal? What if you could literally double your prices for project work? Would getting paid in advance help you sleep better at night?

 Live Remote Workshop - $995


Option 2: Live Remote Workshop VIP Experience

What you’ll get:

Live Remote Workshop VIP - $1,495


After hearing about Jonathan on Wes Bos’ Syntax podcast, it was honestly a life-changing moment to read what he was teaching. As a self-employed developer, it aligned with my goals for my business growth, and the offering I wanted to provide clients.

I read Jonathan’s books, listened to his podcasts, and then engaged Jonathan to help me with a client proposal. He helped me lock down on a proposal that resulted in my client signing off a proposal for double their communicated budget.

Alex Murton

Live workshop dates and location

Workshop is remote and held via Zoom

Jonathan, I landed a $25k monthly contract on account of the advice in your book. Thank you a thousand times over!!

Sam Selikoff

Space is limited

Attendance at Ditching Hourly Live is limited to a small number of participants per event. Seats are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Don’t wait until it’s too late!


Jonathan’s book increased my revenue by 1000%! I’m actually winning projects at 10x the hourly rate I used to make. In the past quarter, I banked six months salary. Honestly, the feeling of knowing you have 6mo in the bank is freedom beyond anything I have ever experienced.

Marcus Blankenship