April 8, 2020


Sent by Jonathan Stark on April 8th, 2020

Have you ever been frustrated by a client who was afraid of change? 

A client who ultimately picked the devil they knew over the devil they didn’t?

A client who would rather cling to the status quo than take a risk? 

Here’s the thing...

At this particular moment in history, the status quo is on the ropes. 

People who were sitting comfortably in their deck chairs have suddenly been flung over the ship’s railing into a cruel sea. 

They desperately want someone to rescue them. They’re not going to be picky about how it’s done. You can either show up and help, or you can hide below deck.

Sure, the help that they need might not be the kind of assistance that you normally provide... but so what? 

You’re not afraid of change, are you?