March 15, 2020

Find a new way to help

Sent by Jonathan Stark on March 15th, 2020

What would you do during a pandemic and widespread self-quarantine if you massage people for a living? 


You could complain about how unfair your situation is, or you could blame the powers that be, or you could get despondent and give up.

Or, you could find a new way to help the people you’ve been helping all along.

I got this video via email from my massage therapist yesterday:

“How to do Self Lymphatic Drainage to Boost Your Immune System”

(That sounds kind of gross but the video is actually quite interesting - check it out)

Here’s the thing...

Things change. Sometimes they change slowly and sometimes they change quickly but one thing’s for sure: they always change.

New circumstances present new opportunities to serve your audience. 

Don’t lament the fact that what you used to do (or the way you used to do it) is no longer a viable option. 

Find a new way to help. As long as you are helping people, your business will be fine.