February 13, 2020

Value pricing and RFPs UPDATE

Sent by Jonathan Stark on February 13th, 2020

In my last message about my policy to “just say no” to RPFs, fellow list member Jeff G sent in a great reminder…

My colleague Blair Enns of Win Without Pitching fame has a fabulous article about how to disrupt the RFP process and still potentially land the gig.

Here’s a link:

Responding to Requests for Proposals

Alert readers will note that Blair also leans toward a “just say no” policy, but his approach is more nuanced and drawn out than mine.

(He also begins the article with a preamble about how you should endeavor to not be responding to RPFs in the first place.)

As with most business topics, I would say that Blair and I are 98% in agreement and differ only in the intensity of our recommended response (i.e., I’m a hard nope and Blair takes more of a practical and methodical approach).

Still… we both completely agree that subjecting yourself to the inherent “beauty contest” dynamic of RFPs is bad for your business and you should do what you can to not be in that situation in the first place.