January 21, 2020

Your site is down

If I told you that your website was down, you would probably rush to get it back up.

Maybe a WordPress plug-in broke or the hard drive filled up or your SSL certificate expired.

Whatever the reason, it would be urgent that you fix it ASAP because every minute that it’s down, you’d be losing consulting leads or email list subscribers or product sales.

Oh, wait... what’s that you say?

Your site isn’t bringing you any leads?

And it isn’t capturing subscribers?

And it isn’t selling product?

Are you sure it isn’t down? Cause it sure sounds to me like it’s broken.

Look at it like this...

If you hired a salesperson to go out and get you clients and you paid him month after month after month after month, and he didn’t bring in any business, would you keep paying him?

No. You’d probably let him go.

It’s the same with your website.

If you’re investing time and money in your website and it’s just sitting there doing nothing, it needs to be fired.

Your website is not a resume, it’s a marketing tool.

It should be bringing in leads, or subscribers, or selling product.

If it’s not doing that, it’s broken.

It might as well be down.