January 9, 2020

Reader feedback from Danny R

Sent by Jonathan Stark on January 9th, 2020

A while back, I sent out a message dispelling the notion that niching down would cause clients to worry about you “sleeping with the enemy” (i.e., working for their competitors).

Longtime reader and friend of the list Danny R sent in this reply (shared with permission):

Hey J! So true - I had this fear years ago... It’s worth remembering that we as service providers are also clients to some - when I was looking for an accountant years ago, I went with one who specialised in working with businesses in the creative and marketing sectors. They knew our challenges (for one, we’re useless with accounting), they spoke our language, all that stuff you talk about. I’m in their niche, and fully aware that my competitors are too - That’s how they knew what I needed. I can’t think of a single risk to me. For me personally as a service provider, this fear was completely busted when I witnessed it from the other side. I have no fear about tackling the “competitor” question if it ever comes up, but it never has. Thanks for your stuff 👍 Danny

I mean, do you really care if your landscaper does your neighbor’s lawn too?