November 21, 2019

Positioning and cows

Reader Zach Stevens sent in this killer positioning example:

Hey J,

Check out this video. It’s a guy who trims the hooves of cows. Here’s the crazy thing though, he’s got hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube... for clipping a cow’s hooves!

Thought it might be a good example to use for pigeonholing yourself.


TL;DR: The guy in the video is an expert on trimming cow hooves.

Not an expert on trimming all kinds of hooves, but specifically cow hooves.

Not an expert on grooming cows in general, but specifically trimming their hooves.

This might seem incredibly and overly specific but... he has almost 100k subscribers and the video linked to above has almost 500k views.

But how can someone make money trimming cow hooves?

Well, like any good YouTube, he sells merch, but he could also have a booming business speaking at conference and teaching training workshops.

How many conferences could a cow hoof trimming YouTube celebrity possibly speak at?


Still afraid to pigeonhole yourself?