October 17, 2019

“Does pigeonholing also apply to firms? I run a 10 person dev shop” and more...

Sent by Jonathan Stark on October 17th, 2019

In today’s group coaching session, we had a bunch of good questions that touched on topics like:

Good stuff!

Here are the questions I answered today:

Does pigeonholing apply also to companies? I run a software house with 10 people. We do web apps and also mobile apps. What would LFPS look like? (timestamp 1m 35s)

I have upcoming large project. On the initial call, the client is trying to understand how expensive is my work. I said that I don’t bill hourly, only fixed price projects, etc (from your best practices). And then the client ask: ok, what if the project will need you as a part-time developer, how much will it be, or how much do you want for a one-month full-time project? What can I answer here? I told them my desired numbers, but I think it scared them as hell. (timestamp 25m 48s)

How does one get someone like Seth Godin to appear on their podcast? :) More context: is this possible for a fairly new podcast with a small audience? (timestamp 38m 1s)

Would you consider “entrepreneur” as too vague/broad as a targeted audience? I’ve been struggling with this question for months. We do our best and most valuable work (with varying deliverables that are specific to a measurable result) with people who have started their own businesses and are in a position to grow in a significant way. By targeting owners we get access to a decision-maker, passion, vision, etc. (timestamp 46m 14s)

How did you start building your audience / email list? Much of the advice on the internet assumes you have a decent social following or web traffic. Was that required? Or, can you build it and they will come? (timestamp 56m 16s)

About that “super clear mission” I’m trying to figure out my Mission or “Point of View”. I want to help experts to create a successful business around their expertise so they can compete with larger companies. Why? Because I found this incredibly difficult to do myself, and so I want to help people like me. Any tips about turning this into a simple super clear mission/POV like yours? (timestamp 62m 55s)

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