October 13, 2019

Seth Godin - The Generosity of Authority

Sent by Jonathan Stark on October 14th, 2019

Rochelle and I were joined by legendary marketer Seth Godin to record our 100th episode of TBOA. W00t!

Seth dropped a half dozen knowledge bombs that I’ve never heard him share before. It was amazing. I learned a lot and I think you will, too:

!!! LISTEN NOW !!!

NOTE: If you prefer reading to listening, there’s a full transcript there as well.

Talking Points

Quotable Quotes

“The more they charge, the more authority they actually get.” –SG

“If you win the game to be the most generous, then you earn the privilege in the area where you seek to have authority, to exchange status.” –SG

“If you’re not feeling like an imposter, I would argue, you’re not working hard enough.” –SG

“If you think your secret is what people are paying for, you’re crazy.” —SG

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