September 25, 2019

Success story from reader Brad Large

Sent by Jonathan Stark on September 25th, 2019

Reader Brad Large wrote in to let me know about a breakthrough he had landing his first pure consulting client. If you’re in the process of figuring out how to to sell your head, not your hands, I think you’ll find his story inspirational (shared with permission, bold mine):

Dude! Jonathan, I got paid today. Know what that means? It means I finally got a paying client that validated all the hard work I’ve been putting in. I got my first paying client to pay me for pure consulting... I was paid for the hour...I know...I know... but that hour was a why conversation. I uncovered a ton of material, insight and at the end of the call the guy said, “I’m sure that is the best money I could’ve spent to figure out if this product can do what I need it to do...” I scheduled a follow up, and I’m going to work some magic about a fixed price freeing me up to focus on his problem instead of the time I spend. I’ve followed you long enough to know this client might be too cheap for that or not ideal, but I feel like I’m well ahead of the curve in terms of pushing the conversation that way especially for my first client. Anyway, I’ve followed your list forever and wanted to tell you that you’ve changed my life. I’ve been paid strictly for consulting, and I’m on the road to Nirvana. I’m an over preparer, and you have helped tremendously. Thank you! Thank you. Brad

Fabulous! Brad’s excitement is contagious, right? I’ve been there, too. Getting paid for advisory work by a 100% satisfied client is a game changing experience.