September 11, 2019

Success story from reader David Raistrick

Sent by Jonathan Stark on September 12th, 2019

Reader David Raistrick wrote in to tell me about his success story. I hope you find it inspiring (shared with permission):

jonathan - wanted to say thanks. I’m starting back focusing on the business and trying to figure out positioning and all of that. Which means going over a few years worth of your emails as a starting point. I realized that the big reason I can spend the time now to think about this is because of all of your free advice. I took the first step away from hourly and moved to an all inclusive flat monthly rate. then I allowed my rate to scare off clients who didn’t like it (either the idea of not hourly or the $ itself). that allowed me to land a 3 month project that lasted 5 months, and put $125k in my pocket. —david

It’s hard to describe the sea change that happens when you start making actual profits. It changes everything; and you won’t ever want to go back to the razor thin margins of trading time for money.