August 12, 2019

$50 bucks

Sent by Jonathan Stark on August 13th, 2019

People spend $50 bucks on stuff all the time.

Heck I spent $50 bucks on lunch yesterday.

What was the last thing you spent $50 bucks on?

Take a second. Really think back...

I bet it was something relatively unremarkable. I bet you didn’t spend weeks debating the purchase. I bet you didn’t shop around for cheaper alternatives.

It was probably something ordinary like movie night or a garbage can or a tennis lesson.

And you’re probably happy with the purchase. It was worth the money to you. You don’t regret your decision.

Here’s the thing...

You’ve spent years learning your craft. You’re good at what you do. You have attained a certain level of mastery.

You also believe - deep in your bones - that what you do is valuable. Or at least, you believe it should be valued by folks who you want to work with.


They object to your prices. They compare you to amateurs. They ask you for discounts.

What gives?

It might be a copywriting problem. If they don’t understand what you’re selling, they can’t possibly see the value in it.

So I have a challenge for you...

Think of a way to package up your expertise in a format that you can sell profitably for $50.

It could be an email course or a video series or a teleconference or whatever makes sense for your discipline and your target market.

Then share it with folks in your target market.

If they’re not willing to spend a measly $50 bucks on it, you definitely have a copywriting problem.