July 16, 2019

Who do you want to help?

One of the easiest things to do when you want to increase your introductions, and referrals, and leads, and prospects, and ultimately, profits is to niche down on a specific target market.

Niching down in this manner starts by answering the question:

”Who do you want to help?”

When I ask this of a generalist, they almost always protest by saying:

“But I can help anyone!“

And yes, I get it.

If you are a good developer or designer or copywriter or photographer or illustrator or marketer or lawyer or accountant or whatever else... then yes, in theory, you can help anybody who needs whatever it is that you do.

Okay, fine. So let’s start with that as core premise. You can help anyone.

If that’s true, then you can help anyone you want.

Which brings us back to the beginning:

Who do you want to help?