June 22, 2019

Success story from reader Kevin Brown

Sent by Jonathan Stark on June 23rd, 2019

List member Kevin Brown wrote in with this delightful success story about niching down (shared with permission):

“Choosing an Unconventional Niche” Jonathan, this episode really hit home for me. I resisted for 5 years going down the path of developing a niche. I made so many excuses and all I could look at was how it would hurt my bottom line. Zoom backward about 6 months ago. I purchased some client accounts from an agency owner that was retiring. We met on a weekly basis to discuss the clients I had purchased and how to further serve their needs. We also talked about a niche. He mentioned that he is a Shriner and that they would be interested in having a new website. The idea exploded from there and I discovered that the organization, nationally, has several problems that I know how to fix. I presented my ideas to the director (potentate) of one of the Nebraska Shrine Centers and he couldn’t stop smiling. I have since met with two large Shriner organizations and they are incredibly excited about what I have to offer them. I’ve developed a simple, repeatable, and scalable product that I will be presenting to their national convention in July of 2020. Never in a million years would I have guessed that this is the audience I would be helping out. Thank you for your insight and spot-on advice. Kevin

I know it seems like a paradox, but...

The smaller your market, the bigger it gets.