May 15, 2019

This is not my 1000th email

Sent by Jonathan Stark on May 16th, 2019

At least, I think it isn’t. Not exactly sure. You might imagine that it’d be easy to calculate something like this but life is often messier in practice than in theory.

I consider July 26th, 2016 the “official” date that I started sending daily messages. I actually started a month or two before that, but I hadn’t mentally committed to it yet. And, a lot of those messages were related to the launch of HBIN, so those don’t count.

The exact number is also complicated by the fact that I don’t send messages at the same time every day. This means that I may send, say, Monday’s message after midnight… so technically, it’s going out on Tuesday. In a case like this, you might get two messages from me on Tuesday. Or maybe Wednesday, if it goes out after midnight again. Or Thursday :-) One way or another, I always catch it back up.

To make matters worse, the email feature I use to send you these daily thoughts (i.e., Drip broadcasts) is the same one I use to send messages to students in The Pricing Seminar - so those TPS messages obviously shouldn’t count toward my daily total.

The funny thing about this milestone is that I don’t really care about it. I mean, I might have set 1000 daily messages as a goal at some point early on, but not it feels like a non-event. Helping people on my list every day is just something I do.

It’s like brushing my teeth… who cares how many times I’ve done it?

Anyway, here’s the thing…

Goals are great. Setting them is important. But once they’re set, don’t obsess over them. Instead, “obsess” over taking an action every day that will bring you closer to your goal.