April 27, 2019

Success story from reader Daniel James

Sent by Jonathan Stark on April 27th, 2019

Reader Daniel James sent in this note about landing a new project (shared with permission, bold mine):

Jonathan ! Just wanted to say thank you ... I landed a new project today by using your proposal template. My client accepted the price - and the 100% payment terms - without batting an eyelid. it feels so nice going into a project solely focussed on achieving a good result and not evening having to think about getting paid! Thanks so much DJ

Congrats DJ! Thanks for sharing :)

Getting paid for what you do 100% up-front is not out of reach. It’s not a fantasy. It’s not something only I am capable of.

And most of all, it’s not even weird… virtually everything everyone buys all day long is paid for 100% up-front!

Give it a try.