August 15, 2017

CU Outreach: Down the rabbit hole!

Well, I’m back from a week long family reunion in a remote location in Maine.

The place we stayed was super remote - literally off the electrical grid. There wasn’t a cell phone signal (or a gas station or a paved road) within a ten mile radius of the place.

There was a weak satellite wifi available sporadically, BUT it was so slow and unreliable that it wasn’t worth bothering with for anything other than an occasional text message.

I haven’t been that disconnected since the 90s.

It was amazing.

I’m also recharged and happy to be back!

When we last spoke, I was sharing my credit union outreach plans. So far:

Today I began the next step, which is to do a bit of research on each CU to:

This is a fair amount of work for each CU and as is so often the case, I was pretty slammed with catch up work on my first day back after a week of vacation. But still, I did find about 45 minutes to go deep on one credit union in Atlanta. In that short time, l learned so much about the organization and the CEO that I had to stop because it started to feel creepy.

Here’s what I know about this one CU:

I could keep going but I’ll stop there. Hopefully, this illustrates how quickly you can educate yourself about a prospect prior to having any direct contact with them at all.

Having this info makes me highly confident that I can help this organization. I almost feel like I owe it to them to reach out to the CEO. If I do get a meeting, I’ll have a more smart questions than I’ll have time to ask. I’m willing to bet that this will differentiate me from anybody else they’re talking to.

And once I have differentiated myself from all of my competitors, I will have leverage in the pricing conversation. In a sense, I become a monopoly.

More tomorrow!



P.S. Have I mentioned lately that Hourly Billing Is Nuts?