April 11, 2019

16 ways to share

Sent by Jonathan Stark on April 12th, 2019

Sharing your expertise for free online is a great way to become more well-known.

And becoming more well-known is a great way to increase the perceived value of what you deliver.

And increasing the perceived value of what you deliver is a great way to increase your prices 🙂

Following is a list of 16 ways you could share your expertise for free online with your target market:

  1. Start an email list

  2. Start a blog

  3. Start a podcast

  4. Start a YouTube channel

  5. Start a community in Slack or Discourse

  6. Do an AMA on Reddit or Twitter

  7. Host a free webinar on Crowdcast or Zoom

  8. Answer questions on Stack Overflow or Quora

  9. Post a “How To” video on YouTube

  10. Contribute to an open source project on GitHub

  11. Speak at a local meetup or school and post the slides and/or video online

  12. Publish a free research paper or report

  13. Run a poll and publish your findings

  14. Publish your most useful checklists, templates, worksheets, starter files, default configs, workflows, or SOPs

  15. Publish a “required reading” booklist with summaries of each

  16. Maintain a glossary of industry jargon translated into plain language

    . . .

I could keep going but hopefully your gears are turning by now...

Notice that all of these ideas have three things in common:

All are free or close to it. All will continue to add value long after your initial effort. And none of them require that you first get someone else’s permission.


Which will you choose?

Who will it be for?

When will you start?