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Geeking out about SOPs with reader Mike Wolfe

Sent by Jonathan Stark on March 29th, 2019

Reader Mike Wolfe wrote in about my 10-Day Systems Challenge. He and I had an email exchange that I think you’ll find useful if you’re interested in systematizing your business (shared with permission):


I’m a big fan of this. I’ve been doing it for years. I spent 10 years as the secretary and treasurer of a tiny borough. The job paid $1200/yr; it was basically a community service. I didn’t want to keep doing it forever, but felt guilty stepping aside because I knew the borough would struggle to fill the position. To make the position easier to fill (and to reduce my guilt when I stepped aside) I started making step-by-step lists for all my duties, reports, etc. The idea was to ease the transition for my successor. I was not expecting it to improve my own productivity as much as it did. It was mind blowing. Since then I’ve applied the same approach to my day job. Until I saw your email, though, I never considered it as a noteworthy business practice. As for the secretary position, I passed the torch on that last January. And I handed my successor a 50+ page PDF printout of my DokuWiki SOP. Thanks for listening, Mike P.S. I love DokuWiki for this for a whole bunch of reasons, but I’ve rambled long enough. I’ll gladly share them if you’re curious, though.


Thanks for your note, Mike! I’d love to hear more about why you like DokuWiki :)



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