December 18, 2018

Before you start the car

If you are not satisfying your customers, then you aren’t going to get repeat business, you aren’t going to get testimonials, and you aren’t going to get referrals.

Basically, you’re not going to have a business for very long if you don’t satisfy your customers.

So... how do you know what will satisfy your clients?

You ask them!

Before you give a prospective client a quote, you should learn what their desired business outcome is.

Otherwise, it’s like driving a cab without knowing where the person in the back wants to go.

Bob: (hops in cab)

Alice: “Where to?”

Bob: “I’ll tell you when we get there.”

Alice: (drives for a while) “This good?”

Bob: “Nope.”

Alice: (drives some more) “Okay, what about here?”

Bob: “Still not where I’m trying to go. Maybe try taking a left?”

Alice: (drives some more) ...

It doesn’t matter how good a driver Alice is if she doesn’t know where Bob wants to go. Sure, Alice’s meter is running but this experience stinks for both people. The odds are very high that one of them will eventually get sick of it and bail out before stumbling upon Bob’s destination.

The solution?

Insist that your customer give you a clear picture of where they want to end up before you start the car.