December 17, 2018

Value Pricing QA

In response to my message “How do you define a bug?”, reader Sergey Tozik wrote in to ask the following (shared with permission):

Could a corollary to “If you’re worried about bugs, you’re not charging enough” be “If you are on thin margins you should invest more in quality assurance so there will be less bugs”? The issue here is pricing of QA services. Rich clients don’t fear bugs so don’t need QA, and poor clients fear bugs but can’t afford QA. Bummer... So how do you value price QA or other risk-control services?

This question was so juicy that I addressed it live in a recent group coaching session.

Rather than type out my answer here for Sergey and everyone else on the list, I decided to make this 7 minute video excerpt for your viewing enjoyment:

Value Pricing QA

(If you’d rather just listen, I also exported an audio-only mp3 version.)

Bottom line:

In a value pricing scenario, the risk you are mitigating is your own. So, whether or not to do QA is up to you.