December 1, 2018

It’s summer in New Zealand

Right now we’re approaching ski season in New England. I have already had to shovel almost a foot of snow off the front walk. 

But it’s not winter everywhere on Earth right now. It’s not even cold everywhere. In fact, they’re approaching bikini season in New Zealand

I’m starting the obvious, right? Weather is not always the same everywhere on the planet. 

But when the topic isn’t something as obvious as the weather, it can be easy to confuse your direct experience with universal reality.

For example, if you get all of your clients from Fiverr (or Upwork or Craigslist), you probably think that all clients are cheap micromanaging troglodytes who seem to derive pleasure from destroying your art.

But that’s like thinking it’s night everywhere because it’s dark where you are.

There are great clients in the world who have more money than time, who don’t want to second-guess your expertise, and who routinely solve problems by writing big checks.

They just don’t hang out on Fiverr.