November 26, 2018

Setting Expectations with guest Ben Manley

In today’s episode of Ditching Hourly, I’m joined by guest Ben Manley to talk about the real-world benefits of specialization and offering a productized service. 

Ben is the founder of Knapsack, a web design firm that offers a laser focused productized service that allows his team to deliver beautiful websites to their clients in one day. 

Ben shares his background and explains in detail how he went from a generalist design freelancer who would do anything from Photoshop comps to theater sets, to running a highly specialized web design firm that generates incredible word-of-mouth referrals. 

As a past client of Ben’s, I can tell you from experience that his process is stellar and delivers a huge amount of value in a very short time. And he shares it all in this interview.

Here’s the link:

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