November 8, 2018

Things you could do for $500

Thanks to everyone who sent in a reply to yesterday’s question. Here it is again in case you missed it:

How would you respond if your best current client sent you an email that said: “We’ve got $500 left in the budget that we need to spend before the end of the year. What could you do for us for that amount?”

The question is tricky for two main reasons:

In the fifty or so replies y’all sent in, several patterns cropped up. Here are the ones that I liked the most (and that were sent in by multiple people):

The key to this puzzle is that you want to offer something to the client that is different from what you normally do for them. You want it to be something out of left field. Maybe something that they aren’t even aware that you offer or are capable of. Otherwise, you risk devaluing your current engagement. Bonus points for offering something that gives you indirect benefits, like:

NOTE: If you had a hard time coming up with anything you could do for your best client for $500, my guess is that you only offer one thing. A product ladder with a single rung... and it’s the top rung, hovering high above the ground. You might want to diversify a bit by filling in some rungs lower down.