October 26, 2018

Reader success -> “My first Why Conversation went... exactly as you said it should!”

Reader Camilla Barker wrote in with a wonderful anecdote that I think you’ll enjoy (shared with permission):

Hey Jonathan, I know you’re a busy man so I’ll keep this short. A couple of days ago I had my first intentional Why Conversation (I’ve had them before, but didn’t ever identify them as such). I got off the phone and I was gob-smacked. It went exactly as it ‘should’. I asked questions, but barely did any other talking. I gave no advice. I listened carefully and prompted the prospect to delve deeper into the issues without prescribing. I even borrowed your phrasing and said, “There’s a tendency among consultants to diagnose and prescribe before knowing anything about symptoms. I am keen to avoid that. So tell me about X…”. Before I knew it, I had the client singing my praises and telling me why I’m the one who needs to do the job, why they’re happy to sit back and let me advise, how they’ve got so many people to introduce me to etc etc. I got off the phone and felt amazing. This shit works. Thank you. All the best my friend, Milly.

Thanks for sharing, Milly!

I hope your story inspires others to give The Why Conversation a try :)