September 21, 2018

“How can you communicate the added value of a quick turnaround without it backfiring?” and more...

In yesterday’s group coaching session, we had a bunch of good questions that touched on topics like:

Good stuff!

Here are the questions I answered:

In a recent proposal, I mentioned time to deliver since I know there is urgency to the project. But they used it against me: If it only takes X days, why does it cost $XXX? Did I make a mistake mentioning time? How can you communicate the added value of a quick turnaround without it backfiring? (timestamp: 1m 28s)

I’ve started a productised service creating digital annual reports, and aiming to sell to the renewable energy sector (basically, annual reports published as microsites, I have sold two in other verticals). I know a bit about the R.E. vertical, can speak about benefits over features etc, but can def learn more. Would like to get a landing page up - any thoughts on what this first landing page should aim to achieve at the start? Eg: lead capture, sales, something else? Happy to play the long game (timestamp: 8m 24s)

I get all my clients through referrals, which is good but I feel like a hostage. At any time those referrals could dry up and there is nothing I can do. I started putting effort into my website and social media. I paid a copywriter for website content and blog articles so it reads professional. I also did few Facebook (and Instagram) Ads to promote my blog articles, Facebook page, and website. I spent around $400-500 and I got 0 leads out of those campaigns. How can I create my own sales funnel? (timestamp: 20m 19s)

I am having trouble connecting the dots between my skills and solving expensive problems. I have recently started instigating conversations with a market segment that I want to serve, in order to understand their problems. I am trying to be genuinely curious. But when they mention problems unrelated to my area of expertise, the conversation languishes. I already have clients who are getting value from what I deliver, so I know there’s appetite. Is this just a case of persevering? (timestamp: 34m 33s)

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