July 24, 2018

You don’t want money

Here’s something to chew on...

Financial goals are fine, but they aren’t that USEFUL.

When I was younger, I wanted to have a million dollars. Or a billion. Or a trillion. Whatever the number. It doesn’t matter.

Okay, but... given this lofty financial goal, what do I do to reach it? What do I do to make it a reality? What path should I take?

The reason an arbitrary financial goal isn’t USEFUL is that it doesn’t help you make day-to-day decisions about WHAT ACTIONS TO TAKE.

It offers no direction.


If you just want to make a million dollars, move to NYC and open a laundromat.


But you don’t want to move to NYC, do you?

And you don’t want to run a laundromat, do you?

Why? Because your primary behavioral motivations are not financial. You want to do something you love for people who appreciate it.

And yeah... along the way, you’d like to be paid well to do it, but that’s not your motivation.

Yes, money is important in building your ideal lifestyle, but it’s not the goal.

Money is a side effect of doing something that is valuable to others.

So ask yourself these two questions:

What do I enjoy doing? And who values it?

Hit reply and let me know.



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