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Ask yourself:

I’ve got news for you:

Your clients probably aren’t the problem.

The problem is that you bill for your work by the hour.

Yes, most people bill on an hourly basis. With enough discipline, it can even seem like it’s working. However, it’s an outdated practice born of cost accounting and factory management that was never meant as a means of setting prices for professional services in the 21st century.

Your work is more valuable than your clients know, because you encourage them to focus on your time instead of your results. Measuring the value of your work in hours is as absurd as measuring it by pixels, lines, or keystrokes.

If you bill by the hour and don’t know how to increase your income, you should take my free Value Pricing Bootcamp email course.

In Value Pricing Bootcamp, you’ll learn:

Kind Words From Subscribers

Jonathan should have a warning label on his head. His advice will shake your world.

David Trejo


Can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate your Value Pricing Bootcamp course, the productized service course and your business of authority podcast. You’re doing more for my business through free content than my $120k art school degree. Thank you!

Uriah Fracassi

Jonathan, I just read your article on asking for 100% payment up-front. It’s not too often you come across something life-changing. Muchas.

Aaron Wrixon, Content Strategist

Hi Jonathan! I am going to print this email out, laminate it... and read it every morning before I start work :)

Anna Sabramowicz

Hey Jonathan!

Your newsletter is one of the best, if not the best, that I’ve seen. I think you’ll be able to easily compile these lessons into a mini-ebook and sell it. Keep up the good work!


Greg Navis

Being on Jonathan’s daily emails is the next best thing to having him with you when you’re with the client. Answers just come to your lips, and suddenly you’re no longer a hands-on techie; you’re respected as a consultant.

Anthony English

Jonathan, Your email list is amazing. I’m on other lists, and some of them have an occasional useful email stuck between sales pitches glued to a billion different unrelated stories. I look forward to each of your emails, and I’ve referred back to them more than once already.

John Tseng

Hi Jonathan,

I love, love, love your e-mails. It’s like a daily shot of B12 for my business. Keep ’em coming.

Peter Doern


Just noticed something I felt I had to share with you, and it gives me an excuse to thank you for your extremely valuable emails.

I am absolutely obsessed with maintaining Inbox Zero; my email inbox is reserved for messages that require immediate action or content I need to re-read and commit to memory. I’ve attached a screenshot which basically shows that every email you’ve sent over the last week has been stuck in my inbox because I keep re-reading them.

Can’t describe how much I appreciate your content. Thanks!

Eric Grubaugh


I read all your posts in one sitting, and the proposal. Pure genius.

Thanks for the insights.

Timothy Solomon


Your daily emails are pure gold for a commoditized .Net contractor like me.

...riveted, waiting for the next one.

BTW, the conversation last week on the FS podcast with the guy that owned an agency, was mind-blowing. I’m that guy, only as a solo dev, not an agency owner.

Brent Giesler

Hi Jonathan:

Your email series is pure gold. Particularly I’ve been stumbling upon the "coming too early with the why" problem you mention here and once I refrained myself from doing it, things made a dramatic change.

If I had to limit myself to just one advice for the new comers it would be this: let them talk first!

Thanks. This is really helpful.

Mauro Chojrin

Man you don't stop - these emails are so stinking good. Keep it up and thank you!!

Sam Selikoff

Too many to list them all here... read more »

About Jonathan

Hi! I’m Jonathan Stark and I was a software consultant for the better part of fifteen years. I’ve given sold out talks on three continents, I am the author of five books, and I have helped brands like Staples, Time, T-Mobile, and others with their software strategy, tactics, and training. (You can check out my press page for more info.)

Jonathan Stark

In my first year as a solo consultant, I doubled my income by ditching hourly billing for value pricing. I have over a decade of real-world experience successfully applying value-based theories to my own consulting work and that of 100+ business owners I have counseled. These days I routinely command an effective hourly rate of $2000+ per hour.

The unconscious acceptance of hourly billing as the best and only option for selling services is a collective hallucination that literally keeps me up at night. In fact, I consider it my mission in life to rid the earth of hourly billing. Care to join me? You’ll be glad you did. 🙂

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