June 29, 2018

Terrible Thing

What could happen on a client engagement that would be painfully embarrassing to you? I mean, REALLY BAD. The kind of thing that was so humiliating that you would want to refund their money?

If your answer is “Nothing,” then you’re either overconfident, inexperienced, or not aiming high enough.

If your answer is anything other than “Nothing,” then you probably already IMPLICITLY guarantee your work.

Why not make that guarantee EXPLICIT?

Why not say right on your website and in your proposals, “I guarantee that $terribleThing won’t happen, or we’ll refund your money.” if you did, I guarantee you (see what I did there?) that it would differentiate you from your competitors. And differentiation gives you pricing leverage.

Once you articulate your guarantee, you can make it stronger and more beneficial over time by doing the following: