June 27, 2018

“How do I move away from actually executing the work?” and more...

In today’s group coaching session, we had a bunch of good questions that touched on topics like:

Plus, we did a deep dive on one student’s promising market research results, and a 20 minute teardown of a brand new marketing site.

Good stuff!

Here are just three of the questions I answered today:

I am doing a lot of specialty consultant work for my clients but I am trying to figure out how to move away from actually executing the work. How do you delegate this? (timestamp: 36m 35s)

In my specialization direction “sales funnels for thought leaders with digital products” i’m finding its still not specialized enough from convos with bigger names (there are a lot of funnel guys out there) so I think I either need to 1) further specialize skill wise e.g. top of funnel, brand building or 2) further specialize industry-wise, e.g. behavioral science, etc., do you have thoughts there? (timestamp: 42m 25s)

I mainly build internal tools to help automation of business processes. The easiest place for me to look at for the value I provide is savings in labor hours vs doing the process manually, ie 10 hours saved by 10 engineers a week times 50 dollars an hour is $5,000 a week saved. Are there other general areas you would consider when looking at internal tools for estimating the value of an engagement? (timestamp: 49m 29s)

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P.S. Would you like to see a sample of what group coaching is like? Here’s a link to a public session I ran late last year:

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