May 26, 2018

Reader Nicolas Previdoli on 100% up-front

Reader Nicolas Previdoli replied to my recent message about asking for 100% up-front payment (shared with permission):

Hi Jonathan, I’ve tried 100% up-front for the first time with my new client. I’m glad I did! Now I understand why this is crucial. The work is a bit of automation to offload manual tasks during seminar registrations (low 4 figures proposal). I initially announced a 2 weeks deadline to accomplish the work. I specified that the deadline may vary depending on multiple factors (ie. client availability, unforeseen events, ...) The client paid up-front, no questions asked. Now the project is about 3 weeks late. The client had huge workload and couldn’t deliver in time her part of the work. I don’t care since i’ve already been paid. Tying payment to completion is not smart. Now I understand. Thanks Jonathan! Nicolas

Thanks for your note, Nicolas!

Yep, one of the delightful side-effects of getting paid 100% up-front is that I don’t feel any financial pressure if a client goes dark from time to time.