May 24, 2018

Reader Natalie Taylor on 100% up-front

Reader Natalie Taylor replied to my recent message about asking for 100% up-front payment (shared with permission):

Hi Jonathan, Agreed!!! Especially if you say it with confidence, authority, and help them see that you’re a professional with a process, and this is simply part of the process. I recently switched from 50% upfront to 100% and most people don’t even question it. I’m booking in advance, so now I put people on a 3-part payment plan, with the final payment due on their start date, the first payment due as a deposit immediately, and the second one somewhere in between. Works a treat! And thanks for your great emails. I recommend HBIN to every freelancer I talk to. :-) —Natalie

Thanks NT! I hope your message will inspire other folks here on the daily list to give 100% up-front a try.