April 27, 2018

Success story from reader Kent Ekstrom

Daily list member Kent Ekstrom (who has been billing by the hour for 29 years!) wrote in to share a very encouraging story (shared with permission):

Hello, Jonathan. We grow market share and revenue for industrial equipment manufacturers and distributors. Since 1989 I have billed our services by the hour. I have a client in the Mid-West that I regularly bill $4,000 each month. The day after I read Hourly Billing Is Nuts he told me that he would need to cancel our services for the next six months. Forty-five minutes later we had worked out a deal to continue the $4,000 per month, plus a commission on the sales my service generates each month. He’s happy, I’m happy, and I suspect that my $4,000 monthly income will double within the next six months. If my new arrangement is successful, there are hundreds of other companies I can sell the same deal too. Thanks for writing the book! Warmest Regards, Kent

It’s worth pointing out that this isn’t a done deal yet, but notice that if it does work it’ll be possible for Kent to double his income in six months.

This is the power of ditching hourly. There’s really no feasible way to dramatically increase your income when you’re still trading time for money.

Thanks for sharing, Kent!



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