April 21, 2018

Specialization story from reader Mauro Chojrin

Long-time reader and friend-of-the-list Mauro Chojrin sent in this gem about a possible niche market for SEO folks (shared with permission):

Hi Jonathan: I have a little story to share that I hope you find interesting :) Just yesterday I got a whatsapp msg from an unknown number saying something along the lines of: “Hi, My name is Valerie. I found your number. I need to optimize and position a WordPress website”. At first glance I didn’t find it very interesting (I don’t do digital marketing) but I was very intrigued as to how she found my phone (Specially my cellphone...) and besides I thought by “optimize” she might mean performance optimization (which is something I used to offer). So, I called her, she tells me that she’s looking for basically SEO services and then the following dialogue takes place: Me: So... how did you find my number? V: Well... I didn’t really “find it”... we have a mutual connection who referred you Me: Great! Can you tell me who it is? V: I can’t... I run an escort agency I didn’t really know how to respond to that (you can imagine that now my curiosity was way bigger than initially) but I think I still did it somewhat professionally and followed the conversation saying I will refer her to someone else who does perform such services. And now comes the part about the specialization. As I was mentally going through my personal Rolodex I realized I know some people who do SEM and some others who do SEO, so I decided to ask V whether she’d be willing to invest in online advertising to which she responded that, because of the market she’s in, SEM is off the table (Something I had no idea about). Further that day I emailed a couple of SEO friends I have and one told me that she doesn’t work with those kind of businesses because they’re specially hard to do SEO for... immediately I thought wow, that’s a great way to position your offering SEO for escort agencies :) How do you like it? —Mauro

Thanks for sharing, Mauro!



P.S. If you do SEO and would like an intro to Valerie, you can get Mauro on Twitter.

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