April 19, 2018

“What would be your next steps to secure revenue with the right clients quickly?” and more...

In today’s bi-weekly group coaching session, we had a bunch of good questions that touched on topics like:

You can review the full list of questions here, but here’s a sampling:

Can you talk a little about creating and implementing an introductory email series as a call to action on a home page? No specific questions, as I’m just starting, but anything that might help make it more effective and avoid common pitfalls. (timestamp: 3m 32s)

Would you recommend selling a productize service and roadmapping side by side, or should they be standalone to avoid confusing the situation? (and maybe create another personal consultant style website where I do offer strategy?) (timestamp: 15m 26s) 

How do I migrate from one specialization to another? I want to continue accepting customers in the old focus, but start driving customers to the new one. (timestamp: 23m 33s)

I’m a software developer and I’ve fired my biggest client then realized that I only have about 2 months of runway and I don’t have a lot of past clients to reach out to. What would be your next steps to secure revenue with the right clients quickly? (timestamp: 32m 42s)

Do you have questions like these that you’d like to get answered?

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P.S. Would you like to see a sample of what group coaching is like? Here’s a link to a public session I ran late last year:

Group Coaching - Oct 12, 2017 [OPEN TO PUBLIC]