March 21, 2018

Success story from reader Mike Spanger

Reader Mike Spanger wrote in to share a story which I hope you’ll find inspirational (shared with permission):

Hey, Jonathan. I wanted to give you a quick thanks. I’ve listened to your stuff for a year or so. I knew I needed to pick a specialization, but I couldn’t settle on anything. Recently, I heard you say something along the lines of “pick your mission” (maybe it was from Business of Authority), and you gave ditching hourly billing as an example for yourself. When I heard that, something clicked, and I realized my “mission” is to convince software engineers to use test driven development. In my mind it’s the most professional way to develop software. I rebranded my website, changed the language, and deleted every post (not that I had that many) that didn’t talk about TDD. I went from “What the hell do I write about?!”, to seeing blog post ideas everywhere. At this point I’m not sure how I’ll leverage this specialization into some type of consulting, but one step at a time. Thanks for all your work. - Mike

There are a number of things that I’d like to call out from Mike’s message:

K, I’ll shut up there... maybe more about missions tomorrow?

(Thanks to Mike for sharing!)