January 11, 2018

“What do I do if the leads I’m getting can’t afford my services?” and more...

Today was the tenth session of group coaching and it really showed in the questions that students asked.

Many of the concerns were more nuanced than previous Q&A, I think because folks have gotten the big stuff answered already.

Now that they’re moving forward, the challenges are a little deeper and more tactical. Here’s a sampling of some of the things we tackled today:

I’m taking your advice and focusing on the co-working industry. I currently get a few sparse leads from my small niche website. The problem is the co-working leads I’m getting can’t afford my marketing advisory and consulting services. Do I change my offer? Sell group coaching? Create info products instead? Or only focus on multi-location spaces? (timestamp: 23m 27s)

I currently have one consulting client in my target market. How do you do content marketing without feeling like you’re giving away their intel? They are onboard with me specializing in their industry but I fear the idea of leveraging the experience gained with them and giving it away to potential competitors, making them upset. (timestamp: 32m 8s)

My SaaS business has acquired about 100 subscribers organically, but I have a strong sense that I need to start doing direct sales. Sales is not one of my strengths. Could you talk through the right approach?(timestamp: 40m 19s)

I don’t have experience dealing with larger firms; my experience in my own business has been with smaller clients. Can you compare and contrast the experience of selling to clients with larger budgets with selling to smaller clients? (timestamp: 46m 10s)

I’m having difficulty getting folks on my mailing list to engage - to write me back, tell me their frustrations, etc. What are some techniques or strategies to help me engage with my audience so I can understand how best to serve them? (timestamp: 67m 4s)

I want to try out a new productized service and I have a client in mind who could beta test it. How should we go about piloting this, and discovering the price? (timestamp: 72m 52s)

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P.S. Would you like to get a taste of what group coaching is like? Here’s a link to a public session I ran late last year:

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