November 24, 2017

The Freelancers Business Bundle

Longtime readers (and podcast listeners) will be familiar with the names Kai Davis, Kurt Elster, and Philip Morgan.

All 4 of us are interested in helping other self-employed people build better businesses. I’m very focused on pricing and related issues, Kai is very focused on outreach marketing and related issues, Kurt has taken what he’s learned from building a very successful niche agency and shared that knowledge through several books and courses, and Philip is interested in how specialization can lead to a powerful market position and easier lead generation.

Kai suggested we put together a bundle of our more popular products, and so we did:

Valued at over $290, this bundle includes 6 books and educational training products:

All together, these books cover positioning, billing, getting more clients, writing emails, and tons more essential education for your freelance business. 6 books priced at what you’d pay for two.

Read more about the Freelance Business Bundle and order your copy here:

And remember: this is a Black Friday special that ends at 11:59pm PT on Monday, November 28th. Make sure to get your order in before this deal slips away.