November 16, 2017

“How do you enter a new vertical where you have no case studies to show you are an expert?” and more...

Thanks to everyone who has replied to my “What’s your #1 business problem?” message. I’ve gotten a flood of great questions that I’ll be answering on the list in the coming days. I might even answer a few of the more nuanced ones in audio or video format... we’ll see.

Speaking of questions... we had another great live video Q&A session today with my Group Coaching students. Here are some of the questions we tackled:

What do you think of this LFPS? “I’m a Python expert, who helps large companies with an old Python codebase get the best ROI from their dev team. Unlike my competitors, I (still working on this bit…)” (timestamp: 1m 54s)

I have three tiers of consulting services: 1- reactive advisory 2- proactive advisory + access to freelancer Rolodex (implementers) 3 - done for you digital strategy management (virtual CMO kind of role). My home page copy speaks to the highest tier almost exclusively. Would you advise softening it to include something like “I advise on or entirely manage your digital strategy for you” or was I right to lead with and focus on my highest tier of service? (timestamp: 30m 44s)

Assuming you’ve already narrowed down to a niche market and validated it, what marketing strategies would you suggest when switching from doing mostly subcontract work to getting clients directly? (timestamp: 35m 21s)

How do you enter a new vertical where you have no case studies to show you are an expert and don’t understand the problems and pain points that exist? What is the best way to approach / cold email contacts in that market and ask them to have a conversation to explore the opportunity? I’m completely cold going in to this market but have a huge amount of passion and interest. (timestamp: 41m 23s)

Is there such thing as a “big fat check” that will drive you away from your LFPS area for a year or two? (timestamp: 47m 9s)

I’m trying to decide whether to hire an in-house sales rep / marketing manager to find more leads vs. a 3rd party marketing company who only manages online ads and lead magnets. What factors should I consider when making this choice? (timestamp: 53m 40s)

Would you like to know the answers to these questions?

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