November 2, 2017

A $25,000 Straw Hat?

In a previous message (“Selling to your own wallet”), I referenced a ball of yarn that Tiffany & Co sells for $9,000.

In response, my friend Marcus Blankenship sent in this gem:

The Best Of The Best: A $25,000 Straw Hat

Now, I have no idea whether the proprietor of this site has ever actually sold a straw hat for $25,000.

But I do know that the sales copy on his page is killer. It’s like a case study in objection busting and customer disqualification.

He talks about art and magic and exclusivity and treasures and legend and kings and emperors and the Hope Diamond and the Mona Lisa and on and on and on.

And at the very end, he even anchors the $25,000 hat against a $100,000 hat.

Check it out. The whole thing is classic.

And even if he never actually sells any $25,000 hats, I’d be willing to bet he sells plenty of the $1,000-$3,000 ones. Heck, they seem like a bargain!

Moral(s) of the story?

Buyers are irrational. Unique is valuable. Pricing is wild.