October 31, 2017

Transcript available for Jason Swett interview (and a technical glitch)

FYI - Apologies for emailing you twice in one day!

Due to some sort of technical glitch, Drip didn’t send yesterday’s message to you until about 1pm ET today (i.e., “Success story from reader Ant Pugh”).

I don’t know the reason or what steps have been taken to address the root cause, so for now I’m just crossing my fingers that it doesn’t happen again.

Since you already heard from me today, I’ma keep this one short:

I’ve got good news and bad news:

The good news is that I have posted a transcript for the Jason Swett episode of Ditching Hourly.

The bad news is that it’s just over 10,000 words long :-/

Here’s the link:

Lessons Learned with guest Jason Swett

I don’t usually have shows transcribed but people have been loving that episode and asking for a transcript so it seemed worth spending the sixty bucks for it.